Welcome to Gorman News Network!

Parents and students of Gorman Baptist Student Ministry!

On this blog all news will be published for Gorman Student Ministry. Calendars will be available along with downloadable forms for students when they are necessary for events. If you would like to remain in the know, simply subscribe to this blog. (This way I am not sending new to anyone who doesn’t want it). If you no longer need news from Gorman Student Ministry, simply unsubscribe.

Here is you current news!

Be sure to look at the calendar!

The GoYo Radio Show will begin Sunday Evening, Dec. 14, 2014 in the youth room! Parents are welcome to come! There will also be a regular Wednesday evening Bible study for adults in the FLC.

Dec. 10, 2014 will be cookies, cocoa and caring. It is a church-wide event that the youth will participate in.

Dec. 13 @ 2:00pm, the youth will meet at the church for a service day. We will either be raking leaves or organizing the nerf guns and board games I found while I was cleaning up. Pizza will be provided!

Fusion will resume on January 7, 2015



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