Announcements 12-29-2014

I hope that everyone had a very merry Christmas! Now, we are on to New Years!

The New Year’s lock in will be Wednesday night (be here at 8pm). It will end at 10am on Thursday morning. Remember to bring PJ’s, a toothbrush and some smell good stuff so we aren’t all stinky on Thursday morning. We’ve got a couple of cool games to play as well as counting down the new year!

The very first, for real, GoYo Radio Show will be Sunday evening, so be there!

Fusion will begin again on the 7th!

Next Tuesday (Jan. 6), there will be a Youth Leadership Meeting at the Cannon household.

PARENTS!! If you would like the blessing of providing breakfast for our Sunday School class, please let me know!

Also, Pastor David is getting ready for the Easter Musical and would like some of the youth to take an essential role. There will be singing and dancing and celebratory resonations! Be thinking about participating in this great event celebrating the resurrection of our lord, Jesus Christ.


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