Announcements 1-30-2015

In need of testimonies! Parents and students, I am in need of testimonies for the website. We want the community to know that Gorman Student Ministry is worth their time and energy. I would like testimonies from parents, students and adult leaders. If you would like to, please send a short testimony describing how God has work through Gorman Student Ministry in your (or your student’s) life. Please do not mention my name (for the ministry does not depend on me it depends on God) and please be honest! Send those as soon as possible to

Example testimony (This is not a real testimony):

I’ve been going to Gorman Baptist Church for 3 years now and it is better than ever! Not only is the student ministry there fun and exciting, but it is Christ centered. I have made lifelong friends and everyone there has love for others who come to visit. What I love most about the youth ministry is that it welcomes everyone and the leaders treat all of us the same. I would recommend Gorman to anyone looking for a place to both have fun and grow closer with God! (Might also include a short story about one time that Gorman Student Ministry made a difference in your life)

Help paying for camp! Remember if you wish to receive some of the benefits of our funraisers (especially when paying for camp), then you must help with those fundraisers.

Fundraiser opportunities: concession stand during upward. Saturday Mornings from 9-1.

Valentine’s day dinner: February 7. Students helping need to be here in the FLC @ 5:30pm to help set up. There will be a rehearsal next Friday (February 6) from 7-8pm in the OSH. If you plan to help, please be at the rehearsal. Tickets will be available until Thursday. If you know anyone who wants to come, now is the time to make sure they get their tickets.

Youth Leadership Meeting has been moved from Tuesday night to Sunday directly following the Morning Worship Service. We will just stick around in the Sanctuary. Remember that parents and our student committee members are always welcome. The agenda:

Downfalls of popular youth ministry. (Why do students leave?)

Summer Outreach Ideas (please bring your ideas)

Girls/Guys day on the 21st (What should we do?)


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