Sunday School Notes 2-8-2015

Topic: Calling

Scripture: 2 Timothy 1:8-14

“So don’t be ashamed of the testimony about our Lord, or of me His prisoner. Instead, share in suffering for the gospel, relying on the power of God.

He has saved us and called us

with a holy calling,

not according to our works,

but according to His own purpose and grace,

which was given to us in Christ Jesus

before time began.

This has now been made evident

through the appearing of our Savior Christ Jesus,

who has abolished death

and has brought life and immortality to light

through the gospel.

For this gospel I was appointed a herald, apostle, and teacher, and that is why I suffer these things. But I am not ashamed, because I know the One I have believed in and am persuaded that He is able to guard what has been entrusted to me until that day.

Hold on to the pattern of sound teaching that you have heard from me, in the faith and love that are in Christ Jesus. Guard, through the Holy Spirit who lives in us, that good thing entrusted to you.”

What does it mean to be called? (vv. 9)

  • To be called is to be challenged to live a certain way.
    • God’s call on our lives does not depend on past actions, thoughts or beliefs.
    • God’s calling on our life only depends on His own purpose and grace.
    • The call on every Christian’s life is a call to holiness.
      • What does it mean to be holy?
      • To be holy is to be set apart.
        • We are in the world and not of it.
        • Our moral standard does not depend on the laws of the land.
        • Culture does not control us. We live according to God and not people.

All people are offered Salvation as a free gift.

  • Do we have to be perfect to be saved by God?
  • After salvation, every believer receives the calling to holiness.
    • We come to God as we are and then He begins making us perfect.
    • The first step really is admitting that we have a problem, and the problem is sin (separation from God).

Every believer is called to service.

  • Paul proclaimed that he was appointed as a herald, apostle and teacher.
    • God has an area of service for every believer.
    • If we know what God wants us to do, we should be doing that with all that we are!
    • If we do not know what God has for us, we should be asking God what He wants from us.
    • No Christian should ever sit idle. We are not here to fill a seat. We are here to make a real difference for God’s kingdom.

Every believer is called to obedience.

  • God is our absolute moral authority and His laws are stricter than ours.
    • Obedience to God and love for each other sets us apart from the world.
      • If we choose not to be obedient to God, then we ignore His work in our lives.

Questions for class discussion:

  1. Is it encouraging to know that God does not require perfection before He will save us?
    1. God loves us even while we are deep in sin and rebellion against Him.
  2. Do you know what service God has called you to?
    1. If you don’t know yet, how can you serve God while you wait for Him to reveal what He wants from you?
    2. Why might God wait to reveal this calling on our lives?
    3. The hardest thing may be being patient.
  3. Is it possible for us to serve without trusting in God?
    1. Should we be careful to always see the work we are doing as God’s work rather than our own? Why or why not?
    2. Are we concerned with results, or are we concerned with God’s honor?
  4. Why do I need to be obedient to God?
    1. Holiness requires obedience.
    2. Our obedience points the world around us to Christ.


Think about the fact that we are all called to service. What can we do as a group and as individuals to serve more?

Think, journal or blog about your thoughts.

  1. How could you have a regular, personal ministry that you use to honor God?
  2. What are some service projects that we could do as a youth group in our community? Be sure to let me know if God really lays an idea on your heart. He lays those ideas on our hearts because He wants us to pursue them.

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