Announcements 2-16-2015

Weather this week- stay up to date on the weather this week. If it gets too bad, we will not have services on Wednesday. Stay tuned and we will make an announcement later if services are cancelled. As for right now, we are just waiting to see how bad it may be.

Girls/guys day this Saturday! Guys will be going to Cookout for lunch and the ladies will be going shopping. Ladies, contact Kati for details and guys contact Andrew!

Remember to sign up for Meta 2015! It will be awesome! Also remember that there are discounts on pricing for those who bring guests who do not attend another church in the area. Guests who do not attend another church can register for only $30!

Camp Living Stones will be here before you know it and a $100 deposit is due on April 5th. This deposit is required to reserve your spot with the camp. If you have helped out with fundraisers, check with me to see what your deposit is!

Ice skating will not be on the 27th due to schedules of ice rinks in the area. A later date will be announced.


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