Notes from GoYoRadioShow 2-15-2015 (AHA: Action)

We know what God wants, what will we do?

Luke 15:20-24

Testimony of Moriah Peters

  • She knew God
  • She knew what God wanted
  • She did what God wanted, Was it easy?
  • Doing what God wants is not always easy and many times will bring criticism from the world.
  • Was it worth it? YES!

Action is where most of us get stuck

  • Faith is nothing without action
  • Confusing feelings with action
    • Just because we feel spiritual or like we are doing what God wants us to do does not make it so. Sometimes we have to work against our feelings.
    • The heart deceives
  • “So he got up…” (v. 20).
    • Things do not work themselves out
    • We do not become what God wants us to become by just sitting here.
    • We do not grow in our relationships or get better at our jobs or in school by sitting idle.
    • Priorities are important.
    • What were Moriah Peter’s priorities?

Action is immediate

  • Saying, “I’ll do it tomorrow,” is the same as saying, “I’ll never get to it.”
  • If God wants something from us, He wants it now.
  • How does this apply to our service?
  • How does it apply to our worship?
  • How does it apply to our lives?
  • How does it apply to our relationships?
  • How does it apply to school, family, or even our individual quiet times?
  • God wants us to come to Him and He is waiting with open arms.

Its not too late to act… yet.

  • Now is the right time
  • I don’t know about you, but if God is the purpose for my life, I want to fulfill that purpose now and I never want to be apart from God.

The reward

  • The son was welcomed back into the Father’s house!
  • We are welcomed in as sons and daughters of the God who created us in His image!
  • The great AHA moment is that we experience this life right here and now!

Remember the 1st son?

  • What is his reaction?
  • This was the reaction of the Jews at the inclusion of the gentiles into God’s kingdom.
  • Are we the same way toward sinners?
  • Should we be?

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