Announcements 3-6-2015

Winter Jam- We are scheduled to leave the church at 2:00 next Friday (March 13) to insure that we can get seats. There is an issue with our students being in school at that time, but 2:00 remains our best option because of transportation available. Doors open and the pre-show begins at the PNC Arena at 6:00pm and the main show begins at 7:00pm. And end time is not given but I imagine it will end around 11:30 or 12. I will be sure to encourage students to keep parents updated. Also, follow @goyoradioshow on twitter or andrewpaulcannon on instagram to follow what’s going on for the evening.

Metamorphosis- If you are going to Metamorphosis (March 20-22), be sure that I have your payment. Below is the schedule for Mata:


4:00- Leaders meet at Gorman

5:15- Student leaders will arrive at host homes

5:30- Students arrive at host homes, meet/greet, ice breaker, rules, supper/heavy snack

Session 2 (led by small group leader in the home)

7:30-Worship at Ebenezer Baptist Church (Meet @ Gorman 7:00)

10:00- Friday night activity @ Gorman

12:00am- lights out


7:30am- Breakfast

9:30am- Worship at Ebenezer (Meet @ Gorman 9:00)

11:30am- Lunch @ Gorman

12:15pm- Session 2 @ Gorman (led by Andrew followed by discussion in small groups)

1:30pm- Afternoon Church Activity (instagram scavenger hunt)

4:00pm- free time in host homes

5:00pm- Dinner at host homes

7:00pm- Worship at Ebenezer (Meet @ Gorman 6:30)

9:00pm- Session 3 at host homes (led by small group leaders)

12:00am- lights out


8:30am- Breakfast

9:30am- Sunday School

12:00pm- Pick up children @ Gorman


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