Notes from GoYoRadioShow 3-8-2015

Click here to see full notes: Why should I not date?.

via Why should I not date?.

New dating how-to’s

  1. The search.
    1. Realize that God has a single person picked as your helpmate and that he or she will meet a certain standard that God has declared.
    2. Committing first to God means trusting His timing.
    3. This means that we should reserve exclusivity for marriage.
    4. Dating is best practiced in groups among friends who will hold us accountable in the open where there is no intimacy. This idea is counter-cultural, but why would we continue dating like culture when it fails much more often than it succeeds?
  2. The one.
    1. When God does reveal “the one”, we should be sure that it is God who is doing the revealing and not our own emotions.
    2. Commit to that person.
    3. Wait until marriage for any intimacy.
  3. The result.
    1. This will not solve all the problems of dating because we are still a fallen people, but by moving the focus away from self we are enabled to hear God and to follow God’s plan more closely the first time.

Parents are encouraged to speak about dating with their children. Let your children know what your standards are for their dating relationships. These matters should be taught in the home.


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