Madi’s Story

I didn’t grow up in church. The first time I came to church, I was 9. I was invited to come by some friends, so we started to come and one service, Pastor C.J. said something and it made me want to get saved, so my mom told Pastor C.J. and my whole family later got baptized and became members of the church.

We moved to Charlotte for a year and then we moved to South Carolina for a year.

When we lived in South Carolina, I started to drift from God and we moved back to Durham a year later.

When I came back to Gorman and the academy, I knew that I needed to rededicate my life to God. So after my Bible class, I went up to my teacher and told her I wanted to rededicate. So she prayed with me and I felt so much better. So now I’m trying to do my best to live for Him and try to act like Him. And now I act happier and I’m more outgoing, and I live with joy.

Madi is an inspirational young woman who truly does live with joy and who truly has a drive to please God in what she does, and it is all by God’s grace!


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