Youth Leader’s Meeting Recap 6-4-2015

Last night our youth leaders met and I wanted to share with you some of the things we talked about concerning the youth ministry here at Gorman.

The very first thing we discussed was the goal of the youth ministry. I asked our leaders to think of some Bible passages that tell us how to teach youth. The first passage brought up was Titus 2. In Titus, Paul instructs that the older women of the church should set an example with their lives and instruct the younger women. When applied holistically, it seems there is a responsibility on the older members of the church to first set a Godly example and then to instruct the younger generation concerning the faith. This seems to be a responsibility that is placed on the church as a whole and not just one leader or group of leaders. Secondly, we brought up 1 Timothy 2:12, which is also from Paul instructing Timothy not to let people look down on him because of his youth. The challenge was two-fold: first that younger people in the church should not give reason for the older generation to look down on them and that the older generation ought to afford youth equal participation in the activities of the church. Our youth have the capacity to be mature, service-able members of the body and we have a responsibility to afford them opportunities to be just that. Other than these, there are not many verses in scripture about how the church ought to relate to the youth. The absence of these types of references is most likely evidence that God sees youth as an equal part of the body of believers, not a separate entity. Therefore, we honor God by seeing youth as capable members of the church.

We used this to talk about the goal of a “youth ministry.” First of all, the goal of the youth ministry is the same as the goal of the church: to worship God and to reach people with the Gospel. This is why we are committed to lead students into a mature faith. Everything we do, we do with that goal in mind. When students go through the the youth ministry here, our goal is that they 1)are prepared for the world and for service in the church, 2)know where they stand concerning Christ, 3)are courageous in the faith, 4)know how to build relationships with culture and 5)do not conform to the pattern of the world.

Because these are our goals for students, we also discussed the expectations we should have of ourselves as youth leaders. We concluded that we ourselves should 1)strive for spiritual maturity in every arena of life, 2)keep each other accountable, 3)practice commitment, not forsaking the assembly of believers (Heb. 10:25) and being committed family members, students and laborers.

After these, we discussed some events through the rest of the year. I want to thank you for being a part of Gorman Student Ministry and for allowing your children to be a part of what we do!


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