Announcements 6-15-2015 (Unplugged This Week!)

Click here for Summer Calendar 2015

Unplugged is this week! This is a great opportunity for students to serve and really connect with this community! The schedule is below! Parents can keep up with the event by following @goyoradioshow on twitter or @andrewpaulcannon on instagram. The schedule is below. Please remember to pack toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant and sleeping stuff for tonight! Plan on bringing a sack-lunch on Thursday! If you did not sign up to come, come anyway! You must have a PARENTAL CONSENT FORM signed by your parent or guardian! If parents would like to come and serve with us at any time, please do!


Today and tomorrow, we will be doing the 30 hour Famine. If you would like to help (please do!), please share this link on facebook, twitter, etc… and ask your connections to donate so we can raise money to help stop world hunger.

Friday there will be a pool party at the Faircloths. Meet at Gorman @ 6pm (we will leave at six so be here early!). We will be back to the church by 9pm.

Youth Vacation Bible School is next week! The schedule is below. Please click here to register:


We have been in Mark’s Gospel this month, and the study has been great! If you missed either day or want to see what we are learning, the lessons are below!

Wednesday Night’s Notes and Audio:

Sunday Night’s Notes

This week please pray for God’s hand to be on the service projects that we are doing. There is a chance for us to connect well with Neal Middle School and for us to reach out to the community there, and a chance for us to reach others as we do some evangelism. Pray for boldness in the students’ hearts and that people would be receptive not only to our service, but also to the love and message of God.


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