Sunday School Notes 6-21-2015

Important Note: Remember Youth VBS!

How do we read the Bible?

Opening Questions

  • Think for a moment about the last movie you watched or the last book you read.
    • Would any part of that movie or book make sense if it was isolated from all the other parts?
    • How good would the book or movie be without a back-story or a plot?
    • How might we compare this to reading scripture?

Today we are going to do something slightly different than the usual because reading scripture takes practice. Hand out the student worksheets. Ask them to get a partner and follow the instructions. Allow time for students to work through the passage, then call them together to talk about what they discovered (below). Teachers are also encouraged to work through the passage.

Luke 12:19 says, “eat, drink and be merry.” What does this mean?

  • Without context, we do not know.
  • One Bible verse does not make much sense without the rest of the Bible.
  • We would not watch just one scene from the middle of a movie or read one page out of the middle of a book; why do that with the Bible?
  • The Bible is one story with many parts.

Similarly, each part of the great story happened in history; which means other things were going on.

  • The more we understand history, the more we will understand the events of the Bible.
  • We have to read the Bible in its historical context.
    • We would not watch a movie from the 80’s and expect every reference in that movie to directly reflect our culture. Why would we do that with Scripture?
  • The Bible has the same message today that it did then.
    • It is still relevant, but parts may not be easily understood in our culture because culture changes.

This is one reason we come together and talk about the Bible so much. Because it is important for us to understand God’s message.

  • If we did not learn Scripture together, we would not be seeking God together.
  • If we are not seeking God together, then we meet in vain.
  • The encouragement here is that we have the ability to understand and live by the Word of God. That is a great privilege.

Talk about what the students discovered in the passage from the worksheet to end.


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