Announcements 6-29-2015 (Important Prayer Request!)

There will be no service on Wednesday Evening or on Sunday Night!

So, on Wednesday we will have a movie night at the Cannon household for everyone who wants to come! Be there at 6:30!

Sunday Evening we will be having a Cookout at the Cannon household. Let us know that you are coming so that we can get enough food! Plus we will have horseshoes and badminton! Plan on being there around 6!

imagesWe will be going to Camp Living Stones July 27-Aug. 1. If you are not paid in full, please pay your balance as soon as possible! I will be sending registration and release papers either today or tomorrow!

What we’ve learned:

Last week at VBS, we learned that Christianity is the most reasonable worldview and that virtually every argument against Christian belief in God is unfounded.

  1. On Monday, we learned that all people suffer because of sin and that the existence of suffering is actually evidence of the Biblical story. We also learned that our suffering in this world is light and momentary compared the the joy we will have forever in Christ.
  2. On Tuesday we learned that those who don’t believe in God have just as much faith in their belief as those who believe, whether or not they are scientists. Since science can only test the natural world, it is incapable of revealing anything supernatural. We learned that we don’t have to be afraid of science and that all people have faith in something.
  3. On Wednesday we learned that Jesus is the only way. People are imperfect and incapable of achieving any degree of perfection. We need a deliverer and it only makes sense that God Himself is that deliverer. Christianity is the ONLY religion that provides this. This is why Jesus has to be the only way.
  4. On Thursday we learned that there are hypocrites in every church. In fact, God allows His church to be full of imperfect people. We learned that these people shouldn’t keep us out of church. Instead, this is evidence of God’s grace and His love for imperfect people. Thank God that He loves imperfect people!

My notes for Sunday night can be found here.

As you pray this week:

This week I am working to reach out to about 527 households with the Gospel, also telling them about GBC. The most important part of this outreach will be prayer. Please be praying continuously that God uses this outreach to further His kingdom and to draw new members to Gorman as they pursue a relationship with Christ. To God be all the glory forever and ever.


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