Announcements 7-6-2015

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This week we started sending text-updates before events. If you would like to sign up for text-updates, please click here and include your full name and cell phone number!

What’s going on this week?

  1. Our next 180 game will be this Saturday from 4-8! Remember this is a great outreach opportunity, so invite all your friends to join us! This week is the Water Olympics (which means slip and slide, kiddie pools, pool-noodle duels and something to do with super soakers. After the game, we will chill inside with some snacks, a  movie, ping-pong and foosball.
  2. Student Worship! Fusion is Wednesday nights at 6:30pm, and this week we will begin having pizza (so you’ll want to get here early)! That’s not the important part, though. The important part is us coming together to worship King Jesus and to learn together from His Word. This month we are studying the book of Leviticus.
  3. Youth Bible Study! GoYoRadioShow is Sunday Nights! We come together, study God’s Word and play fun group games!

What we learned last week!

  1. We did not have Wednesday Evening Service last week.

  2. We had GoYoRadioShow on Sunday Morning. We finished Mark and we talked about the dangers of assuming to know exactly what God wants. We looked at Mark 15:21-32, and came to the conclusion that it is not important whether or not we know God’s specific plan, but that God calls us to trust Him even when we don’t know. The Christian faith is not about knowledge, it is about trust (specifically trust in God).

Prayer concerns:

  1. I am continuing my outreach this summer. If you could please pray daily that we would see interest not only in Gorman Baptist Church, but also and more importantly in Christ.
  2. We live in a culture of non-commitment. I would like to lift up a special prayer this week that the people of God become committed to 1)God, 2)family and 3) the local church. I am convinced that we cannot serve God rightly without a commitment to these things.

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