Announcements 7-13-2015 (winter retreat question)

What’s happening this week?

Fusion: Youth Worship Service every Wednesday Evening! Pizza served @6:00, Service starts @6:30.

180: Saturday from 4:00pm-8:00pm! This week’s game involves pool noodles and water balloons! Then we will vote to watch either “Monsters VS Aliens” or “Planet 51”.

GoYoRadioShow: Bible study every Sunday Evening from 6:00-7:00

Did you know?

We never want your children to miss any of our events because they don’t have a ride. If you are unable to bring them, let us know and we will make sure they can get here!

What did we learn last week?

Wednesday evening we talked about worship that is pleasing to God. My notes can be read here, or you can listen below:

Sunday evening we helped the children as they packed OCC shoeboxes!

Special prayer requests this week:

I have been able to make more than 200 new contacts in the last two weeks and will continue my personal outreach. Please pray that people will come to know Christ as a result of that outreach and that they might come to Gorman! My heart is so burdened for our community, and I hope that you will not only join me in prayer, but also in reaching people with the Gospel of Christ.


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