Announcements 7-20-2015

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What’s happening this week?

Fusion: This Wednesday we will be having Chicken Nuggets and Fries! We will also be packing some OCC shoe boxes during praise time and diving into the book of Leviticus!

180: Saturday we will be at the Church playing tug-of-war (slip and slide edition) and searching campus for an un-buried treasure! After the games, we will pick between two family-friendly movies to watch together!

GoYoRadioShow: This Sunday night we will have a special camp edition GoYo where we will finish Leviticus and go over all things CLS

What did we learn this week?

Wednesday we talked about the meaning of holiness. My notes can be seen here, and the lesson can be listened to below!

Sunday night we talked about why some animals were okay to eat (clean) while others were not. Clean animals were complete; reflecting God’s completeness. By eating only clean animals, Israel literally stated that all satisfaction could only be found in God and by reflecting God by living a full life (which means actually living according to God-centered belief).

Have a great week this week! Let us know what God is doing in your family!


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