Announcements 8-3-2015

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Outreach opportunity!

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What’s happening this week?

Fusion! Wednesday evening youth service is at 6:30 in the OSH (food served at 6)! This week we are starting 1 Peter and our study will be sweet!

Our last GoYoRadioShow 180 will be this Saturday and we are playing Volly Beach Bally (basically giant volley ball)! After we play, we will go up to the youth room and watch a movie together! 180 is Saturday from 4-8pm

GoYoRadioShow! Sunday night at 6:00 we have our tv show like Bible study in the Youth Room! You won’t want to miss it!

Changes to the calendar.

The lake day that was scheduled for the 10 has been pushed to Aug. 15, and there will be no 180 game on the 15.

What we learned this week!

This week we were at camp and we learned that Jesus is the door. He is the only way to God. We spent our time in Exodus, taking a closer look at the passover event as God led His people out of Egypt.

Sunday night we had a sweet time with the whole church family. Students were encouraged to step out of their comfort zone and to go mingle with other (more distinguished) people in the church. Though most of them sat at the same table, there were a couple who sat and ate with someone who is not usually connected well to the youth ministry. We also heard from some others in the church and learned that even when we don’t see what other ministries are doing all the time, God is always working in every facet of the church; and He is making His name known through those in our church family! Let’s continue closing that generation gap!


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