Announcements 8-10-2015

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What we learned last week!

Wednesday we began 1 Peter together and learned that in Christ we are born of an imperishable seed. Click below to see our service!

Sunday night we looked at 1 Peter 2:1-3 and discovered that God desires for us to put aside all of the frustration we might have with others (in the church or out) so that we might return to the basics of the faith. Since God is good and draws people to Himself, it is not our responsibility to force things to be a certain way. When we do, we imply that God is not good and that He is not at work. click below to hear Kati’s testimony and the lesson. Click below to see our Bible study!

What’s happening this week?

Fusion- Youth Worship Service on Wednesday at 6:30pm in the OSH

Lake Day- Aug. 15th. Meet at Gorman at 11am, back by 6:00pm. We will have food!

GoYoRadioShow- Youth Bible study on Sunday night at 6:00pm in the youth room.


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