Announcements 8-31-2015

What we learned this week:

Wednesday night:

Sunday night:

What’s happening this week?

Youth Service on Wednesday Night at 6:30 in the OSH! This week we are starting Numbers! Be here at 6:00 for food. Students can also come as early as 4:00 to work on homework (I am making myself available to help!)

Sunday we will be celebrating our new 7th graders with a pancake breakfast in Sunday School (9:30am) and a Pizza Party Sunday Night in the Youth Rm (6:00pm)! Sunday night we will be giving parents all relevant information about the youth ministry and about our plan to disciple students to maturity in the faith and help ready them for life after youth! Parents are welcome to bring any questions about the ministry!

Outreach opportunity!

Wednesday, during youth service, we will be packing some OCC shoeboxes! I am also encouraging our students to bring any friends who do not go to church anywhere else. As we begin Numbers, I will be sharing the Gospel message, and I love meeting new people! Please be encouraging your students to bring a friend on Wednesday!


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