Announcements 10-6-2015 (Scarowinds Info)

*T-Shirts have been ordered. If you have not payed your $14, please do so as soon as possible!

What we learned last week:

Wednesday we finished the book of Numbers, talking about how we can live in a sinful world!

Sunday night we started the book of Deuteronomy and talked about the fact that we all break God’s Law, but are justified by Christ. Despite our imperfections, God chooses us.

What’s happening this week:

Youth service is Wednesday from 6:30-7:30 in the OSH. I will be sharing the Gospel message, so students are encouraged to bring a friend who doesn’t go to church anywhere else! Remember that we have food at 6, and students can come at any time after 4 to hang out or to work on homework. I am available to help with homework!

Sunday night Bible study (GoYoRadioShow) is from 6-7pm. This Sunday we will be in the auditorium. I am looking for a student who would like to share his/her 10 min. testimony this Sunday night.

SNAC is at Moe’s after church on Sunday night. Students should be able to eat on less than $12


Scarowinds is October 16. We will leave the church at 4, and arrive as Carowinds at 7. Scarowinds lasts until 12am. After Scarowinds, we will head back to the church and arrive between 3-4am. Parents can pick students up then or wait until 10am. I will have video games and movies available for students who need to stay until 10am.

Tickets: If you choose to pay at the gate, you may pay close to $50 for a ticket. If you purchase your tickets online, the cost is $38.99 (this includes tax). I will be purchasing tickets online on Monday (October 12). If you give me $38.99 before then, I will order your tickets when I order mine. If you want a fright lane or scare pass, you will need to order your own tickets online or pay at the gate.

Tickets can be purchased by clicking here, or giving your money to me. Make checks payable to Gorman Baptist Church if you are handing me a check.


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