Announcements 10.22.2015 (Now looking for youth workers)

Thank you for all of your help at Neal MS. We served 100 meals after their football game and students handed out 227 backpacks with info about our church and the Gospel inside. The evening was a huge success and our prayer is that we get to see some fruit as a result of our service.

What we learned last week:

Wednesday we learned that many people have misconceptions about who God is. We learned that God does not hide Himself, but has made Himself knowable. When we hear something about God, we should always go back to scripture to see if what we heard is true. We also learned that we, God’s people, should do our best to not misrepresent God because God hates deception. This means that God also hates gossip and rumors that people spread about each other. Our text was Deuteronomy 13:1-5.

Sunday we learned that this life is full of wars that we are called to fight:

What’s going on this week:

Our Fall Festival is Saturday from 11am-2pm. The youth will be face painting and running a game.

Our coat drive begins Sunday, so be sure to tell family and friends about it. We will be collecting coats until Nov. 15. Here is a note from the UMD representative about coat donations:

We ask that clothing donations are “what I would wear tomorrow.”  Meaning, no stains, no tears, no missing buttons, no broken zippers.We need coats and jackets (winter) for children, women and men.  As clients are only allowed ONE coat per season, we especially need ones that are warm and stand up when it snows.



Special prayer request:

With the changing of everyone’s schedules this season, we are in desperate need of youth workers. So if you are looking for a place of service and want to help with youth, please let me know. Here are the roles we are looking to fill:

Game Guru: Someone to be in charge of games on Sunday and Wednesday nights. There is generally a 1-2 minute game before we begin. This helps lighten the atmosphere and helps youth build relationships with one another (and we have a prize bucket on Wednesday nights for the winner!)

Worship Leader for Wednesday youth services: Someone to be in charge of leading worship for the youth on Wednesday nights. Praise is essential to the spiritual life of any believer and helps prepare our hearts for the message.

Presence Peeps: We need people simply to be present. I am looking for people who can set a good example during youth meetings and help keep students on track during conversation.

Teachers: I give all of my youth workers a chance to lead a lesson on a Wednesday night or give their testimony on Sunday night.

A/V: There is need for someone to run powerpoint on Wednesday nights during our youth services.

Please fill out the form by clicking here or let me know in person if you’d like to be a youth worker. We have been growing as a youth ministry and we do need the help! If you don’t feel called to help with youth ministry, please pray that God would send us committed people who do want to be involved! Thanks for everything you do!


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