Announcements 10-28-2015

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What we learned last week:

Wednesday we learned that tithing was actually an Old Testament tax required of the nation of Israel. The Israelites would pay this tithe to acknowledge that God had given them the land of Canaan. Today, we pay tithes as an act of worship to God. If you give your children an allowance at home, remind them to tithe as praise to God for what He has given.

Sunday we talked about how God’s people should approach having positions of authority.

What’s happening this week:

Wednesday night we will have food at 6pm, as usual, and at 6:30 we will move up to the auditorium to watch the children’s fall musical!

Sunday night we will have a very special GoYoRadioShow from 6-7pm. We will begin 1 John. Since it is national persecuted church prayer day, we will be doing something very special. You won’t want to miss it!

Emphasis for November:

In November we will study 1, 2, and 3 John. People hear so much about what others think Christianity is. We are going to the source to figure out exactly what the Christian faith is really all about!

If you would like to teach a lesson or give your testimony at any point this month, please let us know!


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