Announcements 11.2.2015

*t-shirts are in! If you ordered a t-shirt and have not payed, please pay asap and pick up your t-shirt.

What we learned last week:

Wednesday we watched the children’s fall musical.

Sunday night we started 1,2, and 3 John. We are asking, “What is real Christianity?” The 1st chapter of 1 John tells us that it is faith in Christ and is based on acceptance, joyful celebration, and is truthful.

What’s happening this week:

Youth service will be Wednesday from 6:30-7:30pm in the OSH! Come at 6 for foods!

Bible Study will be Sunday night from 6-7pm in the youth room! We will continue our study in 1st John during both service and Bible Study!

SNAC- Sunday Night After Church we will be going to Sonic in Creedmoor. Be sure to wear a hoodie! We will be back at the church for pick up by 8:30pm.


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