Announcements 11.10.2015 (Camp and Retreat Info)

What we learned this week:

Wednesday we learned that obedience to Christ does not lead to faith in Christ, but faith in Christ brings about obedience in us:

Sunday we learned that the Christian faith is a faith built on an accepting and forgiving love, not hatred and not plain interest. We also talked more about obedience to Christ and discovered the simple purpose for the Christian faith:

What’s going on this week:

Wednesday: Youth Service in the OSH! Food served at 6:00pm, service is from 6:30-7:30pm. We are changing things up a little on Wednesday nights and you won’t want to miss it!

We will not be going to the corn maze on Saturday. There has been enough bad weather to mess up the maze and the mazes in our area are closed for the season.

To replace the corn maze, we will have an indoor instagram treasure hunt/nerf war. This will be from 5-7pm and we will meet in the youth room.

Sunday: GoYoRadioShow in the youth room from 6-7pm!

Social Media Outreach:

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Christian Love

Camp Living Stones

The dates for Camp this summer are July 4-9. These were the best dates available for our group. The cost will be lower this year for those who turn in their money first ($280).

New Years Retreat

New Years Retreat

If you are a student who is about to graduate, please keep our Next Steps class in mind:

Next Steps


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