Small Group Notes 12.27.2015

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When God draws our attention

Exodus 7:14-25


Opening Question

  • How often do you listen to see what God has to say?
  • Do you think God cares enough to get our attention when we are not listening?


Read Exodus 7:14-25 (HCSB)

What are some things that you notice about Pharaoh in this passage?

  • His heart was hard.
    • This simply means that he was resisting because of his own feelings toward other people. He did not act out of wisdom, but allowed his emotions to control him.
  • He was in denial.
    • When God turned the water to blood to get his attention, he ignored God.


Do you have anything in common with Pharaoh?

  • Is your heart ever hard?
    • Our heart could be hard toward other people when we let our negative emotions control the way we treat them.
      • When we ignore our parents because they will not let us do something we want to do.
      • When we let something a friend has done ruin our friendship with that person.
      • When we don’t take someone’s advice because it’s not what we want to hear.
    • Our heart could be hard toward God when we let our negative emotions control our time with God.
      • When we constantly complain about the circumstances God has allowed us to be in.
      • When we make excuses so that we don’t have to go to church or spend time in God’s word.


How did God get Pharaoh’s attention?

  • He showed Pharaoh a sign (later the signs would get more intense).
  • What are some ways that God might get our attention today?
    • Leaders might share of a time when God had to get their attention.
    • God will not always cause things to happen in our lives to get our attention, but He will often use those things to draw us to Himself.
      • When a family member or close friend dies.
      • When we are turned down for a job or a school or a sports team.
    • Sometimes God will cause things to happen like He did with Pharaoh.
      • When things do happen that get our attention, we need to be aware that God might have something to say to us.


When God gets our attention, what should our response be?

  • We should listen and do what God wants us to do.
  • It is comforting to know that God loves us enough to pursue us and draw our attention to Himself and to His plan.
    • Remember that God’s plan is for our good (Rom. 8:28).

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