Dear Parents (important)

This year is the year of outreach for Gorman youth and I wanted to share my heart with you briefly. Your students are the heart and soul of this ministry. Without their commitment and hard work this ministry simply would not exist. So I want to thank you for enabling your children to be as committed as they have been. I am so blessed to be able to minister to your family.

As you know, I have been burdened so heavily with outreach. We are given the mission of reaching others with the Gospel of Christ and if we are not doing that then we are simply not doing Christ’s work on this earth. Without this work, our churches and ministries lack purpose. Below there is an outreach plan that will help us to pursue Christ’s mission as families and I am looking forward to seeing the results that God blesses us with.

As you have your family worship times this week, please be praying that God would give you a heart for outreach and begin burdening your heart with people He wants you to reach.

As you think about outreach, please also consider recommitting to be in church and to keep your students in church on Sunday nights and Wednesday nights through 2016. My heart here is burdened because I know that when they miss, they miss the spiritual instruction that is so vital for every arena of life.

Also mark your calendars for March 18 from 8-9:30pm. We will be having a parent appreciation dinner and I would like for you to invite any parents you know who do not currently have a home church.

Thanks again for everything you do! I am looking forward to a great 2016 and year of outreach!

2016 Outreach Plan


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