Small Group Outline 1.10.2016

God’s wrath and mercy

Exodus 11:4-10


Opening Question

  • What do you think of when you think of God’s wrath?
  • Is God just when He shows wrath toward anyone?


Read Exodus 11:4-10 (HCSB)

We just read God’s warning to Pharaoh. What do you notice about God’s wrath in this passage?

  • God warned people before He carried out His wrath.
    • Here, God does not punish people without warning them first.
    • God is so good that He doesn’t punish people without warning them first, even if they deserve that punishment or deserve God’s wrath.
    • What are some other stories in Scripture where God warns people before punishing them?
      • Jonah warned the Ninivites and they turned to God.
      • The prophets warned Israel when Israel strayed from God.
      • Angels warned people like Balaam and Jacob
    • How does God warn us, today, before punishing us?
      • Through advice from others.
      • He may convict us secretly.
      • He warns us in His Word.
      • God does not punish without proper warning.
      • This is one of the things that makes Him such a great God!


Where do you see God’s mercy in this passage?

  • First of all, He warned Pharaoh.
  • Second, He gave Pharaoh several chances before this with the other plagues.
  • Third, He saved an entire nation: Israel.
    • Israel believed God and God delivered the people from Egypt.
  • When we are separated from God because of our sin, there are two possible outcomes.
    • Either we will receive His wrath or He will deliver us.
    • God used the Passover lamb as a sign of Israel’s belief and through which they would be delivered.
    • In our context, God uses the cross as a sign of our belief and delivers us through the power of the Messiah: Jesus Christ.
      • The Passover lamb in Exodus foreshadowed the coming of Christ and the deliverance of all people.
      • Read God’s instructions in Exodus 12:6-11

We’ve learned that God does not act rashly or quickly.

  • When God punishes us, is He just in doing so?
  • When God delivers us, is He right in doing so?
    • Judging from this passage, God does not make mistakes and He also stays beyond reproach.
    • If we are God’s people, we should also think about what we do before we do it.
      • We should not respond to people in our anger.
      • This is what it means to be wise.
    • With God as our example, let us pursue all wisdom.
      • It is not impossible for a young man or young woman to practice extraordinary wisdom.
    • Let us also ask for God to always deliver us and to trust Him to do what is right and good.

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