Announcements 1.11.2016 (Summer Camp Info)

Family Reading Plan: This week read Matthew 8-14 with your family. Our lessons come from these chapters, so if you have any questions, let us know!

What we learned last week:

Wednesday we learned that Satan can be very tricky as he tempts us and that he will use our own desires (which God created as good) to cause us to do evil. We also learned about God’s forgiveness when we give in to temptation. If you missed it, please watch the lesson here:

Sunday night we learned that it is important for us to own our faith rather than simply borrowing the faith of our parents, our church or our friends. Knowing someone who has eternal life does not grant us eternal life, only knowing the one who provides eternal life can do that. If you missed it, please watch the lesson here:

What’s going on this week:

Gravity: Wednesday we will provide a meal at 6:00 and have an abbreviated youth service at 6:30. At 7 we will join the adults in the sanctuary to pray for our church.

GoYoRadioShow: Sunday night from 6-7!

If your child is going to Camp Living Stones with us this year, please pay attention to the information below:

Dates: July 4-9


If $50 deposit payed by February 1st- $280/student

If $50 deposit payed by March 1st- $290/student

If payed after March 1st- $300/student

Camp Living Stones’ website can be found here:

*scholarships are available to those who may need it.


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