Small Group Notes 1.17.2016

A Faith of Action

Exodus 14:15-22


Opening Question

  • How often do you pray when you face obstacles in life?
  • When God gives us instruction, do you think we use the need to pray as an excuse not to take action?


Read Exodus 14:15-22 (HCSB)

What happens before and after this in the story?

  • Israel leaves Egypt.
    • Pharaoh changes his mind about letting the Israelites go, and chases them with his army.
    • Israel approaches the red sea and the people complain because they think Moses has led them into the wilderness to die.
  • After this, the Egyptian army chases after Israel and God brings the water down on them.


What did the Israelites do as they saw the Egyptians coming after them?

  • Read Exodus 14:10 and Exodus 14:14
  • The Israelites cried out to God and Moses expected God to fight for them.
  • Instead, God tells Moses to take command and the Israelites to take action.
    • Here notice that God took the first step in delivering Israel.
    • A proper response from Israel would have been to act according to God’s faithfulness.
      • God had already given them instruction.
    • God pushes us to action as a response to His faithfulness.
  • This means simply that if we never do anything with our faith, then faith is worth very little to us.


This is something that we have come to call sanctification.

  • When we come to know Christ, God accepts us and loves us just as we are.
  • As we live; God convicts us, encourages us, pushes us to action and pushes us beyond our comfort zones.
    • A proper response to God’s faithfulness is our willingness to be pushed.
    • Here, Israel was willing and God saved them from being enslaved once again.
  • As we grow in our faith; God convicts us, encourages us, pushes us to action and pushes us beyond our comfort zones even more.
    • God is constantly transforming us into the person He has designed us to be.
    • He constantly grows our wisdom and conforms us to the likeness of Christ (Romans 8:29).


This means that we, God’s people, are called to be willing.

  • What keeps you from being willing to pursue the things that God has for you?
    • What things in your life are you afraid to let go of?
      • Sports?
      • School?
      • Work?
      • Video games?
      • Social media?
      • A significant other?
      • Thoughts?
      • Beliefs?
      • Preferences?
    • God may not call us to let go, but we are challenged to be willing to let go if God wants to lead us into a deeper relationship with Him as a result.


Anytime we talk about giving something up, we should always remember that God promises to repay 100 times what we give up for the sake of the Gospel when we are with Him forever (Matthew 19:29).


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