Small Group Outline 1.31.2016 (First Four Commandments)

The 10 Commandments (1-4)

Exodus 20:1-11


Opening Question

  • What do you think makes the 10 commandments so important?
  • Do you ever focus on the commands rather than on God?
    • How might we use the 10 commandments to learn more about who God is?


Read Exodus 20:1-11 (HCSB)

What do you notice about the first 4 of the 10 commandments?

  • The first four commandments that God gave to Israel through Moses were about loving God well.
    • With each new command, God reveals something about Himself.


Read each command by itself, and talk about what it reveals about who God is.

  • In the first commandment, God instructs the people not to have any gods besides Him. What might we know about God from this command?
    • God desires to be first in the hearts and minds of His people.
    • He even has a righteous jealousy when we make other gods for ourselves.
      • This might be similar to our desire for the people we love to be with us.
    • The second commandment takes it further, instructing God’s people not to make idols.
      • Again we see that God desires to be first in our lives.
      • He admits His jealousy for us and promises love to 1000 generations of those who love Him.
    • Third, He commands His people not misuse His name.
      • God desires our respect and our reverence.
      • The greatest way we can worship God is by respecting Him for who He is and truly submitting to Him.
    • Fourth, God’s people are to remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy.
      • God created the heavens and the earth in seven days and then rested.
      • He declared the day on which He rested to be holy as a Sabbath for His people and to Himself.
      • On the Sabbath day, God’s people were to rest so that they could dwell upon all that God had done.
        • God desires to be recognized and praised for His work.


God’s desires are righteous. What desires do you notice within yourself that God displays in the first four commandments?

  • We desire that people love us and think about us.
  • We get jealous when the people in our lives (especially a boyfriend or girlfriend) spend time with other people.
  • We desire to be respected.
  • We desire that people take the time to recognize and praise us for our achievements.
    • If we were created in God’s image, then we should expect nothing less than to have the same desires that God has.
    • Do you think that these desires are wrong for us to have?
      • If we say that they are wrong, then we say that God is imperfect because He has these desires and He created us in His image.


Do you think there is a way for us to fulfill these desires without sinning against God?

  • The desire for people to think about us?
    • Should we expect people to think about us, or should we first think of others and be grateful when they do think about us?
    • When is it okay for us to be jealous?
  • The desire to be respected?
    • Should we expect people to respect us, or should we first serve them and do something worthy of respect?
  • The desire to be recognized and praised for our achievements?
    • Should we expect recognition and praise, or should we simply work hard and humbly accept recognition or praise when it is given?
    • Is it wrong for us to accept praise for what we have done?
      • We praise God first and foremost.
      • We do not worship each other.
      • But we can give praises to one another.
      • John 5:44 even seems to indicate that we should work to receive praise from God, not specifically from people.

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