Announcements 2.1.2016 (Valentine’s Dinner Info)

Our Valentine’s Dinner is in 11 days! If you are not signed up to help or if you have not made your reservation, please do so soon!

Valentines Dinner copy

Let me know if you want to sing, do a skit, play and instrument or help serve food!

What we learned last week:

Wednesday we talked about Christ’s resurrection and about the fact that He was able to prove that He had all authority over life and death. We also talked about what that means for us now! Check it out below:

Sunday night we talked about the Great Commission and finished Matthew’s Gospel. The Great Commission is the simple job that Christ gives to everyone who believes in Him. Check out the lesson below:

This Wednesday night we will begin our study of 2 Peter. We will compare our life now to life what life will be like on the new earth and talk about some things we have to face now that we will not when we are in God’s presence forever. It will be a great study and you won’t want to miss it!

What’s going on this week:

Gravity is Wednesday evening in the basement! Meal served at 6 and Service begins at 6:30

Sunday night is our church-wide Super Bowl Party and Chili cook-off!

Remember to sign your children up for camp as soon as possible. The sooner you sign up the less it is for them to go. If you sign up this month and place a down payment of $50, the cost will only be $290 instead of the full $300. If you cannot afford for your student to go to camp with us, please ask about receiving a scholarship!

All current camp info can be found by clicking here.


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