Announcements 2.15.2016

What we learned last week:

This week we’ve been in 2 Peter and we’ve been learning how we can invest in our eternity by living well in this world. Here are the lessons from Wednesday and Sunday:


What’s happening this week:

Gravity Student Worship Service is Wednesday in the OSH! Food will be served at 6:00pm and service will start at 6:30pm.

GoYoRadioShow is Sunday night from 6-7 and we will be going to SNAC afterwards. SNAC will be at Pizza Inn and we should be back by 8:30 Sunday night.

Remember to mark your calendar for our Parent appreciation dinner on March 18!

Remember to pay for Summer Camp this month if you would like the discounted price and let us know if your student needs scholarship help! The price if $50 down payment is placed before March 1st is only $290. On March 1st it goes up to $300.

If you would like to volunteer your home for our D-Now weekend (Metamorphosis), please let me know. Meta will be April 22-24


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