Announcements 3.3.2016 Metamorphosis and Summer Camp info

What we learned last week:

Last week we finished our study of 2 Peter! The video from Wednesday is below. Sunday we celebrated with Upward!


What’s going on this week:

Wednesday we started the book of Joshua. If you and your children are not able to church, I want to ask that you make it a point to either watch the videos or read the notes when they are posted. If you have to miss often because of sports or business, I understand but i can’t stress enough the importance of scripture in all of our lives. If you’d rather read the notes than watch the videos I send with the announcements, please subscribe to my personal blog at I post my notes for every lesson there. Also know that parents are always welcome to join us in youth on Wednesday or Sunday night if that option is preferred.

Sunday night is GoYoRadioShow in the youth Room at 6:00pm!

SNAC will be at Zaxby’s on Hillsborough Rd. after GoYoRadioShow. We will take the mini bus and be back to the church close to 8:30pm.

Info on Summer Camp:

On Sunday we officially started our iPad raffle. The prizes for the raffle are being donated! here is what I told your students: For every 8 tickets they sell, they will receive one entry into the raffle. Parents can ask me if they would like to sell as well and they will get the same deal. Money received through the sales of students going to camp will help that student pay for camp! The student will receive at least $3/ticket sold toward their camp cost. If a student sells 100 tickets, their camp is paid for and they will receive 12 free entries! So, let’s get camp paid for!

Other info for summer camp can be found by clicking here

Tickets for raffle can be purchased online. Click here for official rules and online form. Students should also have forms and tickets to collect cash or check from people who buy from them.


It’s time to start thinking about Metamorphosis this year! It will be April 22-24. I need parents who would like to house students for the weekend. We will need to houses for girls and two houses for guys. Email me and let me know your preference!

I don’t know the cost yet, but for every friend a student brings, he/she will get $5 off. the friend will also get $5 off. Please do not plan on bringing friends with us who are part of another youth group that is going.


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