Family Reading Plan

Discipleship always begins in the home. Considering this, we have developed a reading plan so you don’t have to figure out what to read next or how much to read at one time. This plan is a week-to-week plan and paralells our study through the books of the Bible. This means that we will be studying the same material at church as you are in the home. It’s just one of the ways Gorman Baptist Church serves your family.

Imagine you are reading through Scripture with your family at home and someone has a question about the text. If you are on our reading plan, those questions can be addressed as we look through Scripture at church on Sunday or Wednesday night. We hope this plan makes discipleship easier for you at home and more holistically beneficial for your middle and high schoolers!

Be sure to space out the reading for each week as you see fit throughout that week. After reading, try and answer these two questions with your family:

What does this reveal about God?

How should I respond to this with my life?

If you do not have a copy of our brief guide to studying Scripture, please pick one up in the office or during our next church service. It will help you to lead your family worship time.


January 2016- Matthew

Jan. 3-9: chapters 1-7

Jan. 10-16: chapters 8-14

Jan. 17-23: chapters 15-21

Jan. 24-30: chapters 22-28

February 2016- 2 Peter

February 1-6: chapter 1

February 7-13: chapter 2

February 14-20: chapter 3

February 21-27: spend some time with your family doing something fun!

March 2016- Joshua

March 1-5: chapters 1-5

March 6-12: chapters 6-10

March 13-19: chapters 11-15

March 20-16: chapters 16-20

March 17-31: chapters 21-24

April 2016- Acts

April 3-9: chapters 1-7

April 10-16: chapters 8-14

April 17-23: chapters 15-21

April 24-30: chapters 22-28

May 2016- Judges

May 1-7: chapters 1-4

May 8-14: chapters 5-9

May 15-21: chapters 10-14

May 22-28: chapters 15-18

May 29-31: chapters 19-21

June 2016- Ruth and Obadiah

June 1-4: Ruth 1

June 5-11: Ruth 2

June 12-18: Ruth 3

June 19-25: Ruth 4

June 26-30: Obadiah 1-21

July 2016- Romans

July 3-9: chapter 1

July 10-16: chapters 2-3

July 17-23: chapter 4-5

July 24-30: chapters 6-7

August 2016- Romans

August 1-6: chapter 8

August 7-13: chapters 9-10

August 14-20: chapter 11-12

August 21-27: chapters 13-14

August 28-31: chapters 15-16

September 2016- 1 Samuel

October 2016- 2 Samuel

November 2016- James

We hope that you will spend the month of December celebrating with your family during family worship times. If you have any questions during the holiday season, please feel free to ask. Since we are so busy as a church, we do not schedule a specific book during the month of December.


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