make a donation

Specific things we are currently looking for:

32″ flatscreen tv for the wall in our hang-out room (please nothing below a 32″

2 wall or ceiling mountable speakers (suggested 130w)

If you see something you think we need, ask us and we will let you know if we can use it!

Before purchasing any of these items, be sure that you do not have them laying around somewhere. Also, contact us to make sure they haven’t been donated already.

Examples of things we always need:

Bibles (prefer NIV or HCSB) Please do not donate KJV or ASV (these translations are too difficult for some students to understand) Please do not donate Message or Amplified (these are paraphrases and are not full translations).

Ping Pong balls (PPB’s are always getting lost and broken)

Nerf bullets (NB’s are always getting lost and broken)

$5 prizes for our prize bucket (If you are at the store and you see something a teenager would like for $5 or under, feel free to pick it up for us!)

What we will not accept

Furniture that is not listed

Board games with an incomplete set of parts

Items that are broken or need repair


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